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Boost your hotel with a Unique Space for Relaxation and Well-being

We help you create a unique and distinctive SPA & Wellness space capable of maximizing your business figures and creating memorable experiences for your customers.

The key to making your hotel’s SPA successful and profitable lies in conducting a comprehensive study of multiple variables. Through a holistic analysis of all these factors, we can create a personalized conceptual design that ensures the success and profitability of the business.

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Why do you need a SPA Opening Expert?

Specialized Expertise

Opening and developing a SPA within a hotel requires a broad strategic vision for this aspect of the business in terms of operations, finances, marketing, and customer experience. An expert in SPA & Wellness openings brings this specialized expertise

Revenue Maximization

Making a SPA & Wellness department successful relies on differentiation by enhancing the guest experience and diversifying the business to generate additional revenue beyond the typical SPA treatments and services.

Marketing and Promotion

The success of a SPA also depends on its ability to attract customers. A SPA opening expert will help you develop effective marketing strategies and promote services appropriately to attract customers.

Staff Training

An expert in SPA openings can provide training to operational staff to ensure quality standards in the services offered and in customer service protocols.

In summary, an expert in SPA & Wellness openings plays a crucial role in the long-term success of this hotel department, ensuring that it is effectively planned, designed, and managed from the outset to provide an exceptional guest experience and achieve success by enhancing the hotel’s reputation and financial benefits.

How do we do it?

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Market Research

We analyze current and future Wellness trends, identifying opportunities that best suit your audience and environment to stand out and attract guests to your hotel.

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Competitive Analysis

We study your competition to identify areas of opportunity and differentiation. Your SPA will be designed to stand out in the market and attract your ideal customers.

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Target Audience

We identify your target audience, from business travelers to relaxation enthusiasts or couples seeking a romantic retreat, and design experiences that captivate them.

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Customized Concept

We work with you to develop a concept that reflects the essence of your hotel and aligns perfectly with your brand’s vision and the message you want to convey.

Every hotel is unique, and your SPA, to succeed, must reflect an identity that is in harmony with your values, surroundings, and brand identity.

Open SPA Conceptual Planning SPA Consultant Susana Melchor

Architectural Advisory and Conceptual Planning

We work with the best suppliers and leading manufacturers in the SPA & Wellness equipment industry. From hydrotherapy technologies to state-of-the-art massage equipment, as well as specialized companies in the Fitness area, leaders in the sector of fitness equipment and sports materials. These trusted companies also ensure excellent after-sales service.

We guarantee that your SPA & Wellness space will be equipped with the most advanced and efficient options available in the market.

Furthermore, by working with our trusted suppliers, we adjust costs to ensure the best quality-price ratio.

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Do you want a luxury SPA with a holistic approach?

An SPA inspired by Oriental tradition?

Or perhaps a cosmopolitan-style wellness space?

We create unique concepts and distinctive SPA & Wellness experiences

Contact us right now and discover how we can turn your vision into a reality that will captivate your customers and boost your hotel’s profits and reputation.

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