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Internal SPA Marketing ▷ Get better results

When we start marketing we think that the client is more important, but we must not forget that internal marketing strategies are essential in our SPA, because this will be reflected in our external image and this will be reinforced.


Internal Marketing, what is it?


Internal marketing is also known as “endomarketing”, this type of marketing is based on internal strategies aimed at having a motivated and happy team with their work.


It is important to consider that some of these actions should be coordinated with the Human Resources department to make our team and collaborators feel an important part of our SPA.


The Human Resources department must be attentive to the needs of the employees, transforming possible problems into possibilities for improvement, and working to guarantee them the best working environment.


Why should we take into account internal marketing in our SPA?


When a person is happy and satisfied with the company he/she works for, this person improves his/her performance and brings value to the company. Values such as new ideas and initiatives, better customer service, process improvement, etc…


Always remember that your team of masseurs, estheticians and therapists are the ones who have more direct contact with customers, and they are the ones who can better detect the needs they have and the processes that can be improved, which can contribute to improve the reputation of your SPA and also to reduce certain expenses and increase the profitability of the business.


What happens when we apply internal marketing strategies in the SPA?


When we apply internal marketing strategies, the people in our team will be more productive, we will have a lower staff turnover, there will be a better working environment and they will be more committed to our brand and the company’s mission.


Therefore, it is very important that all the benefits that your employees and collaborators get from working with you, both at a salary and emotional level, are a great differential value in your SPA.


Internal marketing as a differentiation strategy


Other SPA’s can copy your service and treatment menus or the type of advertising you use, but they can never copy the way you are, how you relate and treat the people in your team, and what these people learn and add to their life and profession by working with you.




So, to conclude this article on internal marketing, keep in mind that, in addition to applying marketing strategies outside (external marketing), it is very important that you start applying them from within.


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